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Hey it’s Margaret here. I’m born and raised in Hong Kong, not tall, not plump, yellow skin and best known for the thick lips. I’ve always loved sharing things with people, by things I mean my story, my experience, my styling, my philosophy, my plan and my skill, so you can imagine what’s like talking to me, like a fish keep bubbling in the water.

So why Malee Malee Hong? The name is taken from the sound of the classic magic spell in the combination of my name, Margaret Hong. From here, you can have a glimpse of everything I love doing, from sunbathing on a casual sunny weekend to backpacking all the way to the other side (of the world) on a solo form to my choice of outfit / my favourite fashion trends. It’s like having a conversation with me but more from my perspective.


Drop me a note for any questions or just say hi!

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