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As Chinese we’ve got so many superstitions and yi-yang theory that for those who are not bred with the seemingly groundless notions do not share the same understanding of acne (maybe not just about acne.) The prevailing role of ‘interior heat’ in the causation of acne is an underlying belief to all of us (you may interpret it as an imbalance of the internal energy, which can be both inborn or acquired.) In this sense, herbal tea is usually our solution to ‘restore the balance’.

Herbal tea does not stand for a lifesaver whenever your tiny little friend pays you a visit. But it does make a statement to the acne victims: pills are just the marketing tool the ‘experts’ or ‘pharmacies’ use to ‘buy’ your time and health condition from the future to the present in pursuit of the instant (temporary) triumph in the blemish battlefield. It does sound very convincing in the first place when your pretty face come alive after months of vexation.

Soon the pimples will reign over the battlefield, again.

I have always been the acne-prone skin kind of girls ever since my puberty (I know, it’s the most maddening part in one’s life.) Dermatologist, isotretinoin oral, strict diets, salicylic acid skincare products, tea tree oil, rose water, green tea, supplementation, sunbathing, sports, stress release…


I’ve tried it ALL.

For sure there’s no single treatment for all types of acne and for everyone. Medical advice may still be necessary for hormonal acne while the rest can be deal with, believe it or not, by yourself. So you may want to dig out the cause for your own breakout before any remedies can be applied accordingly. In my case, since I’ve had strict diets in high school for 4 years, which means I blindly avoid all possible allergy source in my diet, to name a few, chocolate, seafood, soya, mango, pineapple, beef, deep-fried food and many others, seafood is my only allergy to breakouts.

One thing taken out from the list. Next, skincare products play a huge part of the whole journey to fight against the blemishes. I always go for the gel or lightweight moisturizer (unless raising the acne is just your desire). While tea tree is best recognised as the effective ingredients to acne treatment, rose water or pure spring water are secretly going after the champion. I’ve even used dermatologist prescribed toner and salicylic acid toner. Both show similar amazing results for acne that linger on my face, with the former one slightly on the pricey side. Cleanser is a much easier job as no complex combination is within choices. All I can use is Lush and home-made natural paste.

Sustainability is the new fashion that we as breakout victims should voluntarily sign ourselves up for the healthy lifestyle commitment. In which, surprisingly simple, is just doing sports regularly to detox your body and exposing yourself to the sun for Vitamin D to decolour your acne scar. Once in awhile bring out your deep-moisturizing mask and non-irritating natural exfoliator.

And the last resort to kick out the annoying spots is the green tea mask.

Add organic green tea powder to clean water and dap a clean cotton puff into the green tea. Top it on the affected areas on the face and leave them for 15-20 minutes.

Apparently antioxidant is your best comrade so DO NOT leave your comrade while you are still in the war. To me, supplementation is very tricky, like a double-edged sword. Vitamin B12 in particular somehow does not create the absolute assistance to winning the combat.

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  1. Imogen

    I struggled with acne for a year after having no skin issues my whole life, and it was absolutley devastating. It really ruins your self esteem! Luckily I found some amazing products, stopped eating dairy and started really looking after my skin. I can really relate to this post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Totally Imogen! It’s really frustrating with acne problems, you don’t wanna go out you don’t wanna see anybody. But it’s good that you find your cure! High give to acne free skin! xx Marg

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