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Merely two years ago did I finally realise the ludicrous comments on and painstaking attention to the fashion sense of other people I made is completely out of place. I blame it on the Chinese family tradition.

Am still in doubt for the effectiveness of a ‘no-shouting’ and ‘no-humiliation’ environment for kids in the western world, but so far the lovely wordings (out of courtesy or not) I received on a day to day basis from people who grew up in such way seems to have proven that ‘Chinese is just being harsh on ourselves and others’. (OK, maybe we are mean instead of just harsh.) In this regard, I’m slowly in the process of replacing ruthlessness to a more friendly quality, kindness? considerate? affection?


That is the word. Whether I have had embarrassed or pissed people off all these years being so thoughtless should rest upon the OBLIVIATE spell, but the endeavour to strive a difference shall not be understated (from the inborn resting bitch face and existing impression of a fashion police).

NO JUDGING, shall we?

Interesting though, that people who used to care less about Giorgio Armani, Anna Wintour, Gigi Hadid seem to be united with fashionista now to the single truth: Clothes make the (wo)man. By no means the inner quality is of no use in the materialistic world but the word ‘materialistic’ itself carries such a strong statement of ‘dress up first, then talk’.

To me it’s alright to wear pajamas to a bar, LBD to stroll around your neighbourhood, fancy new heels to wet market and so on. I always get asked for dressing too casual to work and too fancy to a home party. But I like it, that’s all I need to know.

Do I sound like a fashion police again? Oh damn it.

Top – taobao | Bermuda – Asos | Rings – Asos | Sunglasses – Le Specs


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