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Vodka is drunk with (suit) powder* in Gili T. I am not sure how is it a popular drink since it tastes like Mentos in Coca-Cola and I felt like my mouth became Tony Stark’s lab breeding a new compound. Perhaps there’s no reason for it, just because no one had put the powder three times stronger than red bull to a Russian liquor in other places before (or it might have been), holiday-seekers then take the excuse to triple the exhilaration out in the free-diving paradise, the island 1 hour by fast boat away from Bali, the insider’s choice.

They said you will meet the craziest people on Gili Island, some you even doubt how can they still survive?! It’s true, I also wonder how am I still alive after the Killing Me Softly with His Song infused boat ride with all windows shut in avoidance of the wave big enough to break them (rumour has it, it happens occasionally). Even so, sweaty individuals onboard are all waiting for one moment – the boat slowing down, the I-have-never-seen-water-this-blue-in-my-life azure blue water coming into sight and finally touching down the island under the bright warm sun.

Sadly, I only had time to stay 1 night and was off to Ubud the next day. I will definitely return to the paradise, but for now, I will leave you to the photos I took during my short stay on both islands.

*I didn’t get a chance to find out the actual name of the powder, but it sounds like (suit) and it’s white and it’s not drug.

LOCATION – Gili Trawangan, Ubud, Seminyak
ps. Let me know if you want my accommodation and transportation details.