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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy birthday, what’s your plan, what did you get for [insert a name] etc. This is the best small talk season under condensed high spirits brought about by either the finale of the distressing year behind or another round of New Year wishes to the year ahead, which, almost left untouched since the last time you talked about them. Somehow, the last moment in a period of time brings rationale to spending all the money you had been so mindful of, breaking all the tension you had had with co-workers and being hopeful about life.

We call it positive energy.

Or is it the magic of Father Christmas?

Let’s stick to Santa. I like the idea of Santa. I like the anticipation of presents and the corresponding favourable annual performance report of my well-being in life. I like how he wears red, the same colour as on my lips most days (not counting those I decide to be a couch potato and look like an actual potato) and as in the abandoned equivalent of pieces available in black. Boring, I know. So, days before Christmas or Chinese New Year or after watching ‘Rosso Valentino‘ re-interpretation of the classic or contemplating the Protagonist red cami dress of beautiful Nicole Wayne’s ring the bell for a technicolour staple, just in case I have a party to attend, or my ex will be there, or my crush will be there, or altogether (worst).

I am just kidding. I have neither of the scenario ajar.

And red doesn’t look good on me.

Yet green does. Green the PMS 349, not Green the patent leather thigh high Versace boots Rihanna wore (I wish I could). I mean, if there’s an Oscar for colour, green is definitely the best supporting role of all time. Too bright for roses to stand alone? Leaves help. Too dull for Santa to come alone? Elf helps. Too intrepid to make a statement in the festive season? An off-shoulder puffy sleeves top in emerald alongside a pair of vintage gemstone earring work like a charm. Or the cheongsam-like sequin dress with gold fish and fluffy hemming from Gucci FW16 if you prefer.

Oh, and my New Year wishes? To receive the same annual report from Santa next year around this time.

But is he counting days around Christmas too? Cus I really want to binge on the new Netflix series now.

Bye guys. Merry Christmas.

Zara emerald puffy sleeves top | Zara flare pants | Sly tassel heeled sandals (similar here and here) | Bag (vintage) (similar here) | Earrings, Ring (vintage)

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