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어디 /eodie/?  the man asked, hands on my mom’s luggage and eyes on mine evaluating the need to keeping it in the luggage compartment of the airport limousine (the shuttle buses). ‘Sinsa-dong‘ I answered, as if I spoke the language, in front of my mom, who was lost in translation at 6AM out of the Incheon International Airport against the early morning spine-chilling autumn breeze.

What did he say?‘ my mom asked.


It’s around one in the afternoon, at the top of a precipitous slope paved between Korean houses outside Baeksasil Valley. The sound from asphalting juxtaposed with the serenity just 200m away, and there stood the weary feet, who was up since 6AM, and her mother, who never get enough of the greens. ‘I wonder how do they walk in rainy days,‘ I had no idea, just as I had no idea to most of her wonders.

Look at that!‘ I exclaimed, overzealously, like the old days, when I saw Barbie toys in the department store, ‘can we lunch there?‘ As usual, an unfavourable answer at first, then followed by a compromise. There was a lunch set menu in Korean and a complementary a la carte menu in English on the table, next to a rich selection of wine shelving. ‘And that’s ‘dog‘ leg‘ the waitress explained, ‘what’s that again?‘ “Dog‘ leg.” (It was duck’s leg, don’t worry.)

What was she saying?‘ my mom asked. I shrugged.


I always give thought to love locks, the ordinary fences loaded down with decorative chains of love resemblance, marking the glimpse of future at a particular point of relationships, like dream diaries, which are supposed to resonate with the de ja vu at a later life occurrence. He put a hand on her shoulder, synchronizing a dreamy smile, and a moment of love was captured on a heart-shaped bench, under the blustery darkness. The couples all seemed to be very lovey-dovey, and I excused myself from the photo-bombers, flashing the famous touristic spot for my mom, quivering my way to be the only, if not, the bravest damsel in bare legs up on top of the city.



    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Dee, Seoul is really a cool city! I’m sure you will like it! Check out Samcheong-dong and Sinsa-dong! They are my fav areas! (there will be another post talking about the second half of the trip soon, so stay tuned!) xx Marg

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      hahha it’s a diverse and exciting city to visit isn’t it! I think the fact that their English is not so good makes it even more exotic and challenging! But I like it! Sure I will check out your blog Tessa! xx Marg

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Hey Sophie your blog is looking good! Of course I have to know about it! hahah and thanks so much for you kind word to my work! xx Marg

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