Do you remember?

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Say something without using the phrase ‘I promise’ or anything that carry the same connotation. I’m sick of it. Since there’s no absolute commitment to the content in the words, either to make an effort to maintain certain kind of inevitable relationship or as a habitual lier, nothing really goes as the way you heard.

So, should I stick to the ‘promises’ I made before I realise it’s the adulthood joke that I haven’t been able to understand in the early 20s? I think I can run like Trump supporters who nod accordingly to Melania Trump’s words over Michele Obama’s.

Sadly, it’s not even a thing to disparage one of the most important virtues my parents and teachers used to teach me through fairy tales and real-life examples (and guess how real are they.) After all, the Walrus and the Carpenter come in various form in life, cunningly, aggressively and quietly.

Dimenticarlo. How about oneself? The fifty seven times you promise to exercise for a Bella Hadid body, the one hundred and three times you apologize for being 15 minutes late AGAIN (which technically no sorry is required since punctuality is reset to +/- 15 in modern days), and the countless times you promise not to stalk your ex’s Facebook feed, are in fact some double standards we are using to stay vulnerable from another human being.

Do you remember? I bet you don’t.

Not for swearing on your ex that ‘I need no men in my life’ then dating the man who has been waiting the whole time for the reason being ‘I’m touched’, but for the voice within as a ingénue that you now need ’10 reasons you should love yourself more’ and ‘Things I wish to tell my younger self’ as reminders.

doyourmb-6(resized)All at once, I had it all
But it doesn’t mean anything now that you’re gone

Speaking of which, this is the last text I sent, I promise.

I promise.

Jumpsuit – Stradivarius // Earring – vintage // Rings – Asos & Number Nine Jewellery  // Shoes – Zara


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