Food in Da Nang

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The only thing you can think about when the weather changes is to eat. Or maybe it’s a year-around temptation sorry. Feeling a little Vietnamese lately? This episode of Food in Da Nang may help.

There is something missing in the video, like the afternoon baguette, late night durian and beachy fresh coconut, which you can easily get from the street food stand.

I would highly recommend Pho 75 and Ba Duong mentioned in the video for anyone who would like to have a real taste of pho and banh xeo, a egg pancake filled with shrimp and other things. It is said that they are the best for pho and banh xeo in Da Nang.

Mind you even if you know the address of these places, they are not located at the exact same address in your hand, or on Google map to be more precise. You would have a bigger chance to be dropped off at the right place when you tell them the name of the place you are going to instead of the address.

By the way, you don’t necessarily need to know what to order, especially in Pho 75 and Ba Duong, cus they only serve that one thing they specialize in and will bring them to you as soon as you sit down. Of course you do need to know what’s the word for ‘big bowl’, ‘small bowl’, pork and beef to make your preference clear to them, but they are simple.

‘Heo’ is pork
‘Bò’ is beef
‘Nhỏ’ is small
‘Lớn’ is big

That’s it, don’t blame it on me if you crave for Vietnamese food tonight! xx

Reference: Street food in Da Nang

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