Déjà vu

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Déjà vu is a weird sensation. In such a fleeting moment of time synthesis, my brain goes numb first, followed by a deep search in the memory for the primary encounter. The situation ends up in either a/ getting hammered at the destiny subject, or b/ an overuse of brainpower in vain.

Meanwhile, the phenomenon is seen all too commonly in the current fashion scene, in fact, too often and predictable to be called déjà vu. Every season is a game of homage roulette – bell-bottoms from the 70s, bandanas from the 90s, ruffles from the 80s and the rest of your mommy’s and nanny’s wardrobe come into live in a matter of time. Much like the success of La La Land (who doesn’t love the golden time Hollywood), reintroduction of past trends seems to be an easy way out in the fast food culture where everyone just wants to keep up on social media (whatever #theblondesalad wears), and gain instant yet affordable access to pieces off the grand runway (whatever Topshop offers). I guess it’s just not up to most of our priority to concern, at least not our bill-handling ability, about Emma Watson’s definition of fashion in the future : sustainability.

All this is inspired by the exclamation my mom made to my gingham blazer and pants – I used to have one exactly like this! I know. And I wish you had not thrown it away. I also wish to keep this newly bought gingham combo for as long as it can last, for the sake of money, of a highly possible trend come-back, of sustainability (cus what’s more sustainable than a wardrobe too full to open) and of my daughter (if I have any). By then, my mind should go either a/ like mother like daughter, or b/ too old to tell the difference of time.

Photography and text: HONG HIU CHING
Get the look: The Front Row Shop | Rahul Mishra | I Am Studio | Zara

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