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I’m sure that when I mentioned ‘Abruzzo’ for the shirt, it’s a slip of the tongue. I mean ‘azzurro’. If you don’t even know what I am talking about, you are for sure a newbie to this place in Italy, Lignano.

The whole time I thought I pronounced this place correctly, like ‘lin-nia-no’, as confident as I am a native of this language. No, it’s not like /lin/ at the front, it’s /li/ then /nga/ and /no/. Never mind, let’s just say L. Sabbiadoro (thanks to an Italian friend – -, jk).

Beach is always a good idea in return for the arrival of the sun. A couple of years ago, the time when I started to fall in love with summer despite the heat and sweat, I wondered if I would be able to explore different beaches in the world. I went to Thailand, Kenting and Brazil. And this time, I am here in Italy.

To me, a good beach is all about the sand. Sabbiadoro in Italian literally means gold sand. It is soft enough to drag you down a little bit when you walk, not just with bare feet, but also with shoes on. Grab a handful of sand. It slips through your hand gradually and all you want is to grab another handful of it. Glass bottles and cans are forbidden so most parts are clean without rubbish, not even shells. Sometimes, I got annoyed by the sand after going to the beach since it gets sticky and itchy once you are wet. However here, I can’t even feel it until I get into the bathroom.

Like those summer paradise in California, Brazil, Australia and Croatia, Lignano has a long coast line where beaches are divided into sections, each has its own character. Our beach belongs to the Riviera area, which is a more quiet and family based section. If not everyone, most of the people in this area live in summer houses just minutes away from the ‘bagno’.

In Pineta, it gets more lively and exciting cus often there are live music shows, competitions, and some amazing pizzeria and bars around.In Sabbiadoro, it is busy and touristy. Everything here is basically designed for the season of aqua, countless hotels all over the area like one at every corner, kids playground, water slides, never ending activities like firework, volleyball matches, live music shows and pizzeria, gelateria, ristorante, shops and family entertainment arcades along two sides of the avenue.

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Honestly, I like the downtown in Sabbiadoro more at night then the day. I love Merry-go-round basically, so wherever there is this little fantasy ride, I love it (just like a kid, lol). No, apart from this, after a day of working or playing hard at the beach, people tend to enjoy themselves with the company of good food and wine, which are absolutely not a hard thing to do. It’s true though any restaurants you enter in Italy cook you excellent pizza, pasta and provide you plenty of good wine to choose from.

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Every year at 15th August, the birthday of the Saint in this area, there are big celebrations, like parties, music shows and firework. Speaking of which, it is my first time to watch a firework outside Hong Kong, so I was quite excited about it, though it’s a bit different from what I used to have.

First of all, it starts at 23:30, which is quite late for kids. I thought it would be at 8 or something because in HK we usually start the events at around this time so it is more flexible for the people to organise the dinner or other activities. They had it at two sides, one at the bridge side and the other right in front of the beach area, so you are quite busy eye chasing the glamorous sparkling light effect.

In Hong Kong, we have the firework in the middle of the Victoria harbour, so you can watch it at the two banks. However, either side is filled with people and skyscrapers, which means you need to squeeze yourself within the crowd and catch the firework through the rift between heads. In other word, there is no room for you to take a good shot of the firework, unless you have your tripod set up hours before 8pm. Yet here, we arrived like 20 minutes before the firework and there were still plenty of good spots for you to take great pictures or simply enjoy the show.


Every two year at 14th August, there is a fishermen festival in Marano, a little port 40 minutes by car away from Lignano. It’s like a thanksgiving to Madonna who takes care and gives blessings to the fishermen for their safety at the sea. Marano is a really small town and it gives you a feeling of walking in the lanes of Venice. We came over here to try out some conventional dishes of this festival and ordered some vongole and pesci, which were delivered directly to home from the fishermen the next day morning.

After the cooked meal, it’s time for some treat, raw clams with sparkling wine, the fishermen favourite. Normally, I don’t eat raw food except for the Japanese sushi and sashimi. But this time I decided to give it a try. I was a little scared of the raw flavour at first so I added few drops of lemon juice. It is for heaven sake tasty! The pepper and salt bring in the saltiness and spiciness and the lemon just balance out the whole taste! Then you have some wine, it’s like the perfect couple!

Just one thing I would like to complaint about, it will be more interesting if I have a friend to share the fun with me. It’s still compelling spending time with the kids at the beach and watching them climbing tree in the garden, though I want some parties or young people time, you know?! It’s definitely a good holiday location for family anyway.

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