Just lucky

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‘I’m a lucky girl.’

Probably the boldest (and the most honest) statement about oneself I have ever heard. I wonder what sort of environment this girl brought up under to be this confident, buoyant and at ease.

It’s unusual. When everyone plays dummy in disguise to earn the seemingly effortless success attached to words like ‘smart’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘genius’, she simply goes after lucky. This explains everything but her ecstatic embrace of the inborn privilege.

I mean, lucky in the good sense.

To be gifted with good skin condition that no special care is needed for a 8 month backpacking journey, to have run away from a bomb attack once in Turkey and to get hired just 2 weeks after her return from a long trip. I would call that LUCKY, don’t you think?

Or in the old Chinese wording, we call such person 好命. In the old Chinese society, there’s a job that no ordinary people could do, 好命婆 (a woman who is considered to be born lucky and could possibly pass on the luck (of having harmonious family life) to the bride the night before wedding). See? People like this are so lucky that they can even have a career based on that.

For sure Kanya is not a 好命婆 (she is too young to be one), but a globetrotter. The fact that she managed to finish the backpacking journey in the Southern hemisphere, using the money she saved from work the year before, is splendid. It may sound ‘lucky’ to you for her to do that burden-freely. When in reality, the determination, which is too big of a word for people who fail to identify for anything not authority-associated, to stick to 23-hour bus rides across cities and the daily bread diet wouldn’t necessarily be easy to everyone.

Right, at least I need some pasta and couscous to balance the diet.

And I sometime take taxi.



    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Yea there’s this thing, destiny and fate, like everything is set before you are born stuff like that. Thanks for stopping by Miki!! xx Marg

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Oh it’s not me, it’s the girl in the photos ahah But it was pretty like a mess, according to her, just ran and kept close to the trustworthy locals. Thanks for your comment! xx Marg

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