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Let’s talk about lifestyle today. Aside from the beguiling nature of yet another marketing strategy, you know, unlimited wants and perverted desires, demand and supply, I find it quite serene. In fact, it maybe one of few things in the world that most people can get a slice without causing internet rage or cross-cultural debate.

Or politics, or extraterrestrial.

And it covers a whole lot of life choices: meal plans, travel destinations, home interiors, outfit selections, tech pursuit and all other brand preferences of daily necessities. Watching Nowness videos the other day, much fascinated by the quirky collection of art, books, jewellery each of the featured homeowners accumulate over the years, I’m bewildered to see how lifestyle used to represent a person and now only resemble an Instagram feed.

For me, the absolute die-for food choice is rice (plus our greatest Chinese dishes, and yea screw the low/no carb diet); last travel location was a volcano (which I struggled with my life more than a photographic evidence – more on that here); my hairdryer is a Panasonic (because it’s not yet broken and I do not have 300 usd to spare); and I do not go to spinning classes. All these probably do not make a good Instagram feed, but yours truly is a Gen-Y, from the old Sony Ericsson age, when online connection was done at the expense of ajar possibility of phone calls. So, forgive me for doing things in the great old fashion.

The thing is, as though the technology has taken a giant leap, the actual lifestyle has not been keeping up. We still fancy a dreamy Roman holiday but chances are that our hardworking nature would have forbidden us from fully utilising our annual leaves (that is, 10-15 days?!); we still dream of having our own apartment but unfortunately we do not have 100 years to live ; we’re still leveraging our hard earn cash on the newer, flashier, hippier IT bag that will be gone faster than Taylor’s boyfriends. Well, what actually happened behind a carefully curated lifestyle feed is a burning of money, awkward public photo-taking, labyrinthine social/industry connection and a lot of time, A LOT OF TIME.

Unless you were planning to turn lifestyle into a profitable business, to perform or present a lifestyle, that’s the question we should answer.

I’m wearing: Cotton On Top | Sunnies Studio Sunglasses | Asos everything else
Photography and Text: Hong Hiu Ching