Liverpool Travel Guide

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Soothing or unnerving? Comfort zone or adventure? ‘(Heart beating to chest) is the way you should feel your whole life.’ Not gonna ask you to go to a Paper Town on your own, but absolutely worth the try to go somewhere alone once in your life.

Liverpool is one of the easy places to start with.

What’s better than kicking off the first solo traveling attempt by an uncertain bus schedule on the weekend. Unlike that one time in Milan, Liverpool is just an hour away from York and trains run all day long, so even if I miss the morning bus, which no one can be sure about the exact hour of its coming, it is not that much of a big deal.

liverpool 2So you may wonder why Liverpool. Two very simple reasons: a coastal city with less Chinese (comparatively speaking). Manchester is also a nice city, as I have heard, but recently there are a lot of Chinese flushing in and there’s really no point to go somewhere to see my own people, that’s why I went one city further, Liverpool.

As usual, I didn’t do much research before going (maybe just screenshoting places from TripAdvisor for my very first trip alone.) I left the train station and headed to the Albert Dock with the help of the crowd and the signposts, easier than Google map, and soon I reached an area where Next, Primark, Topshop locate.

Give me a minute here.

To be honest I was only expecting Anfield Stadium and the Beatles, especially during the Worldcup. But Liverpool gives so much more than my anticipation. It offers art, music, sport, modern architecture, history, shopping arcade, food, churches, can you think of other things that it is lacking of?liverpool 17


Tate Liverpool

I’m no expert in either contemporary or classic art so I can’t say much about this here. But Tate should be something familiar to you if you are a art lover. There are contemporary exhibitions inside and small independent galleries and souvenir shops outside.


The Beatles Story

liverpool 11I am no expert in the Beatles either and it’s very self-explanatory, everything related to the Beatles. I thought about paying to get inside but turned out I didn’t cus I really just have a very shallow understanding about them.

Cavern Club


Anfield Stadium

liverpool 8Guess what? I am a total football idiot, again. Believe me, I am not that stupid even though I don’t know much about contemporary art, the Beatles or Liverpool F.C. But this time, I did join the tour to get inside the stadium (mostly because of the Worldcup football heat.)

Certainly we are not the autherized people to step on the grass but you can tell the effort and money they put into the care by its shining green colour. But, as I have heard, the most expensive item is the floor in the changing room. They are scrupulously made to avoid any accidents happened to the million-worth players due to the humidity or water or sweat.
liverpool 16

Modern architecture

Liverpool One

This is the place I mentioned earlier that I need a minute. It is a very pleasurable shopping centre slash chilling area. It is like a all-in-one relaxation centre where families, couples, friends or even travelers can spend their days at. They even place a new bus terminal there, so it makes no excuse for you to not pay it a visit.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool


Museum of Liverpoolliverpool 5

Actually this is the only museum I did during my one-day visit but it is pretty comprehensive in telling the history of and the people in Liverpool. I particularly enjoyed the section about the great women in the last century, feeling proud and motivational to be a young lady with such successful examples ahead.

International Slavery Museum

I only knew this after my trip from a friend who was planning to go to this river side city also. I would for sure go there if I had known it earlier.


  • Liverpool One
  • Bold Street
  • The Beatles souvenir shop
  • Anfield Stadium souvenir shop


Liverpool Cathedralliverpool 6
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool


Soul cafe & bar
liverpool 14

Rumour has it, it does one of the best all day breakfast in town. It is right around the corner of Liverpool Cathedral on the Bold Street, so why not give this a go? Apart from the black pudding, I would say it is good.

Little tips from me

  • The wind is real, however sunny it seems like.
  • Do the Stadium first for 1-day trip
  • No internet on the phone? No problem, search for the tourist centre, there’s one close to the Beatles Story, for tour booking, advise and free map
  • Take the bus, they are reliable

So the one thing I did not manage to tick off from the wish-list is the bar, not necessarily the Cavern, but any bar. I reckon it would be quite a joyful evening with the music as company in the birthplace of Beatles. Let me know if you have any bar recommendation or nice experience in Liverpool, I would love to share your love to Liverpool! xx

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