Com’on Com’on يلا يلا

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I reckon the idea of filming and taking photos on both the digital and film camera, all the while the sun was shining at almost 40 degree during the day and me struggling with sickness and lack of cash (more on it later), was ambitious.

Cue the Hong Kong girl with two cameras and a phone under the symphony composed of ‘Chinese!’, ‘Ni hau!’ and ‘No photos!’

By no means their sensitivity is over-reacting. Some Moroccan women, as I have heard, have troubles with their infamously protective husbands due to the photos of them taken unknowingly and published online by tourists. I then learned from a conversation with a Berber, the native nomads from the desert, that photography is simply not their favourite hobby.

Despite the mixed feeling I had over this shocking piece of news, I chose to respect them in the same way as to cover myself head to toe with the stupid jeans and black cap (which later turned into a pajama short covered with the newly purchased headscarf*) even in the most sun-kissed areas in Ouarzazate and Merzouga. As a result, there aren’t many footages or photos of local people in this video diary and film photo series.


*No judging


1.  Walking our way (30mins) to the supermarket for cheaper water

2.  Taking a break from the long drive to Merzouga somewhere in Ouarzazate

3.  A local luggage carrier and the luggage owner

4.  (Seems to be) a berber chilling in Ait Ben Hadden

5.  Casual garden in Marrakech that is more dreamy to Hong Kongese than desert habitants

6.  My mate agreed to pose in the Museum of Photography in Marrakech for the never-ending film that I got half a year ago

7.  Medina in Rabat that reminds me of Fa Yuen Street in Hong Kong

8.  The very interesting (and bumpy and windy) experience getting back to the town centre from Paradise Beach in Asilah by truck (I’m not in the picture btw)

Photography and text: Hong Hiu Ching
Shot on: Olympus Superzoom 800S in B&W film
Special thanks to my mates/models/travel buddies/new friends
Ps. let me know if you want my itinerary




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