My idling hours

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I find the subtext of best use of time fascinating.

This time last year, between jumbling up in the apathetic air of daily commute and sitting tight in office, I spent most of my time watching Olympic games. I was transfixed by the significance of seconds. That under-a-minute period of time sends one of the equally hard-working athletes to the triumphant honour. Despite the instant regret of not spending time on more productive activities which might otherwise contribute to a form of success by now, my idling hour businesses never strike me as frivolities.

Until I realise one plus one is not two.

For the longest time in history we have been debating whether multifaceted or specialised labour receives more love from the society. We strived for qualifications, proves and references to validate our work capacity (– whether or not it is the purpose of education will be discussed in another time), but none of them seems to matter anymore.  What I find fascinating about the best use of time nowadays is that everyone is so busy living in a personality bubble. The millennial-specific form of community interaction causes constant consciousness of our offline behaviours to the make-believe of a fulfilling and constructive life. But, you know, if youve seen one youve seen ’em all. Working up the numbers across digital channels as a quick-key to recognition is ingeniously felicitous in the age of ‘sharing’. Yet, the paralysing effect of such effortless online success thwart our pursuit of genuine knowledge and perception of real-life events.

I wouldn’t say I point my fingers altogether to the internet, not at all. In fact, nothing I write or create or not even this site would exist without the internet. You and I would have never met (virtually). Global warming still exists. The world will still reach its end.

Well, not that I have any better excuse as to why my Instagram has been idled for an unforgivable amount of time (and this space also), but I just handled my life dilemma, got my summer tan (finally) and booked an exciting trip to feed my idling hours and socials.

So, yea, see you soon.

COS Top | GAP Jeans 
Photography and Text: Hong Hiu Ching