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I miss winter. I do miss it even though it means walking down the streets like a piece of unpleasant dumpling (and even more bulky and undesirable at home), forced to getting work done sooner every day with a shorter span of day time in my dormant self and the extensive clumsiness due to the numb limbs. That, I blame it on everything oversized my mom got me as a kid. 

In the same vein, when the oversized trend returns, instead of the sexy Kim K in a button-down white shirt, or the cool Blonde Salad in a butt-covering hoodie of her own brand, or the Jacquemus-like crazy shoulder Jacquemus silhouette, all I can imagine myself looking like in any of the oversizing items is a picture of me at 7 y.o rocking the off-the-shoulder shoulder line jumper, the fold-up trousers and the classic hook-and-loop white school trainers.

Basically, a nerd.

And after more than 10 years since my first attempt to look oversizingly stylish, I’ve come to realise it’s the oversizingly-fitting principle that makes the baggy silhouette an appealing outcome. That says, it’s not just about putting something bigger than your body can handle and expecting some potential body growth, but the same meaning a S entails as in any other cut. So, when I come across this pink calf-length oversize coat from Boohoo, perhaps one step forward to look more like Happilygrey, yet, for sure a big leap away from that 7 y.o with Harry Potter glasses and braids on both side of the forehead. (Sorry, mom.)

On a side note, even in a seemingly boyish outfit, I find it fundamentally impossible to hoard all my on-the-go possessions like men do within the pockets of trousers and coat. I’ve even tried my bra and my shoes. Where do you put your water bottle? I don’t think there’s a better way than throwing everything in the Kleks backpack. It’s medium-sized, well-structured and minimalist. Most importantly, it’s unisex. So you can share with your boyfriend. Or I can, if that boy over the street would come over and ask where did you get this backpack…..what’s your name…let’s grab a coffee….

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I wear: Cotton On crop top | Forever 21 high-waisted pinstripe navy pants | Reebok trainers | Boohoo robe coat (similar here)| Backpack Kleks super-light backpack black/dark grey (also available in grey/navy colour)


    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      ahahahha we all want what we don’t have , but literally I can’t feel winter here until now!!! Tell me why!! Thanks Ashleigh xx Marg

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Thanks so much for saying that Miri! I am happy that you love my writing and my style!!! Oh no, it must be freezing over there! Stay warm! (summer is coming soon!) xx Marg

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