3 (Rainy) days travel guide to Rome

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How’s Roman state of mind like? Usually I am not the ‘capital’ kind of gal who would fall in love with the capital of the country because of its vibrancy and liveliness (as you may notice Hong Kong is quite dynamic and international already). Not gonna lie, I would say Rome demonstrates the ultimate ‘capital-goal’ one can always look up to.

Day 1

rome 14Arriving on a dribbling afternoon is not as exciting as it should be in this eternal city. I headed straight to the hostel, which is the most exciting thing about the trip to Rome actually. I stayed in The Yellow. If you have been to Rome or planning to go to Rome you’ll for sure know The Yellow. It is so famous that just talking about it your fellow travelers would nod their heads and shows their approval to this ‘bostel’, a term for hostel with a bar.

I wasn’t expecting a hostel of such HUGH size. There are a total of 2 full buildings, one on each side of the road, accommodating hundreds of traveler. AND IT IS ALWAYS FULL. So you can imagine how popular this bostel is.IMAG3972

Soon I found out Rome is quite a affordable city. Of course you can’t say it is cheap. Things in Southeast Asia is cheap. But like imagine buying a dinner in a fancy restaurant for 16 euro only?! With a glass of white wine and delicious risotto vongolo?! Really?! What can you do with 16 euro in Milan, Florence and Venice?

One more thing to note about The Yellow, the tours. They do free night tours in Rome, all you need to do is sign-up and go! They also do late night bus drinking tour, not for free this time, but they take you to all the drinking places in Rome, together with all other drunkies like you, what’s more fun than this?

Day 2

You know what? Wake up early in Rome is rewarding. But staying up at night is also intoxicating. You can choose to be a party animal or to go to see the Pope super early in the morning. Either way is gonna be special, just depends on which kind of person are you.

Which one am I? Neither. I did not get on the bus drinking tour nor went to see the Pope (cus I didn’t know). I am about to show you how to do Rome in a day (on my own).

Trevi Fountain around 11am

rome 17Particularly during its renovation period, perfect if you want to stuck in the narrow alleys and be a photo bomber or be bombed. 11am is just a VERY VERY BAD time to visit Trevi Fountain. 7am maybe better.


rome 11 rome 13rome 12
Some mystery about ancient intelligence may never gonna be resolved but you can always embrace them by paying them a visit. Pantheon should be on your list. (Shhhh, no crowds is outside so you can take your time!)

The Vatican

rome 15Told you. I missed the chance meeting the Pope in the morning. And I had no intention to queue up in a round-the-piazza line for maybe the rest of the day. Plus, I still want to see the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps and much more. So I don’t really have tips or insights for the Vatican museum for you. One tip maybe, from my bunkmate, BOOK IT IN ADVANCE. It does not help skip the line and head straight inside, but for sure not spending the whole day in the line.

Spanish Steps & Piazza di Spagna

rome 2Heads up by the time I left the Vatican my feet already hurt so bad. Could be the flats I was wearing, but I think it’s more likely the subway that doesn’t have most of the places covered. Normally I like the idea of 3-day subway pass, that’s what I did in Milan also, but you have to have connection. That won’t help anything if most of the places are out of reach in the subway system.rome 9

Oh no one told you that Spanish Steps is also under renovation? Only the steps is open to public. What’s the point? Anyway, I found myself a spot to sit, read some binocular reviews and wrote some postcards. Then I turned my head to Valentino, my fav, and stood there for a while, imagining me being the model by the window.

Colosseum at 5ish

rome 7No, no one could afford to do everything in a row. I went back to the hostel and took a rest before I headed out again for this. I would say it’s really ashamed that I didn’t get the chance to go in. The one I did in Verona cannot be seen as a substitute to this one. It is not just bigger, but more intact in terms of the historical value and architecture.

I think I am really bad at planning. I should have done Colosseum first at 11 in the morning. Then I could spend more time here and the next couple attractions.

Roman Forum & Il Vittoriano

rome 6rome 8 rome 5This is by far the most exciting and magnificent attraction in Rome. It is not intact at all, only random stones hanging around in an order you can’t tell in a large area next to the Colosseum. Yet, that’s the one thing you can mix your imagination with whatever is left in the Forum to create your very own version of the ancient Roman empire.

The rest of the evening would be just chilling downstairs at the bar and upstairs on my bed.

Day 3

rome 3Happened to have a new morning bird bunkmate who would love to do some morning photoshooting with me. So I, very rarely, woke up at 7.30. It was pouring that particular morning, but that’s probably the only morning I’ve got left.

We stuck to the places where the subway covers, Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps. We did discover a church with really beautiful interior design, the paintings on the wall and the precision of the facial expression and gestures of the characters are breathtaking! (tho I forgot to look at its name, sorry! It’s near the Piazza del Popolo.)

rome 16I ended my 3-day Rome tour in a breakfast gathering with all my bunkmates in The Yellow, which is pretty cool actually! How often do you make friends with all the people staying in the same room!? who happened to be so nice and friendly and inspiring?! I know I am a lucky girl.

Btw, there’s a quote in The Yellow, ‘Want to extend your stay? You are not the only one.’ It’s so true! Though I did not actually stay one more night but I did put off the train to Napoli couple hours later so that I could make it at the breakfast gathering.

This is certainly not a promote post for the hostel, just that I genuinely recommend The Yellow to anyone who are looking for a place to stay in Rome and want to have some fun in the eternal city. Let me know your fav hostel in Rome, I would love to check that out on my next visit. xx

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