School days

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How long has it been since your last class?

Mine was the last second that just ticked while I was typing this. I remember two (ironic) government campaigns few years back on ‘lifelong learning‘ and ‘learning is more than a test score‘, which by no means taking over the predominant perception as life achievement generations after generations on personal academic ranking within schools and on school (of yours) ranking on a worldwide scale. Yet, pioneering as the campaigns may sound, the Territory-wide System Assessment says it all.


Define learning. Or define a class. Are the workshops urban workers go to on weekends making their own leather wallets instructed by experienced leather craftsmen considered as one or the non value-added essential courses required by your school considered as one? I think it’s pretty subjective.

In this regard, workers, professionals, masters (whatever you call a person out of school striving a survival in the society) are all agilely engaging themselves in certain learning programmes to showcase their utmost concerns about the importance of being knowledgeable.

It’s pathetic.

Pathetic as in occupying one’s time and money in compensation for the feigned remorse for wasting a good old 1/5 of your life giving sh*t to classes in school, and as in the pursuit of mutual sentiment within the norm.

When are you going to do master again?

Did I ever say I would ? No, I certainly didn’t. But I did think about it.

What can you learn from your current job?

Did I say I want to LEARN SOMETHING from my current job? No, I certainly didn’t. (But can I not? Ask Steve Jobs.)

I surmise that the ignoramus underdog (mostly, who also hold a degree) are merely making feeble attempt to stand still in the societal current without extra certificates of some kind, namely, MBA, MBA and MBA.


When is your turn to do a MBA?’




  1. Melis

    first of amazing photos, love your work! and i love the writing too, and i do agree with you on effectiveness of school at times. we grow up thinking that by doing well in class, we’ll do well in life but i’m not sure if that’s true anymore. i think it really depends on the person, some people are just academics who move on to corporate jobs, and others like Steve Jobs are hustlers at heart and learn it on the go. it becomes a question of, are you a good student or a hustler?

    xx Melis

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Thanks for the comment Melis! You are one of my fav bloggers actually! I would say I changed over time. I was pretty academic while I was in school (probably because I was responsible not just for myself but also my parents?!) but I am devo a hustler now! Yea I totally agree that really depends on the person! xo Margaret

  2. Nicole

    Love your photography! I totally agree with you! I feel like we’ve been taught that doing well in school = instant success and that’s absolutely not the case. It may work for some people but not others, just depends on the hustle and work ethic I suppose!

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Absolutely Rach, college is all about multitasking, academic plus other activities plus part time plus family plus dating plus plus plus plus, and if we manage to handle all these well, we are way ahead then those who do not. Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend! xo Margaret

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