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I don’t know which one is more awkward: A/ To get introduced by a mutual friend who barely knew the person and to text the person if he is interested to be a first-time model for a yet-to-be photographer ; or B/ to (nearly) pronounce his name as yellow /ˈjɛləʊ/ or yell /jɛl/ instead of Jelle /’jɛlə/.

I know nothing about Belgian except Stella Artois.

Maybe not even pronouncing it right.

Back to the shoot. Jelle has the poise and funny bone that rarely resonate with our age group, like how Gigi knows more about classical music than the Global Top 50. On that note, I officially announce that scenario A is less embarrassing. ‘Oh you look like ___ [insert a name with similar facial feature]‘ ‘Who dat?‘ He didn’t even know one of the biggest names in modelling business.

Nor he cared.  He is not a model anyway.

While the Belgian product designer-slash-drummer-slash-beauty pageant contestant*-slash-multilingual came out from nowhere in a subway station in all-black attire under the unforgivable mid-summer sun and told you on repeat that ‘I have no modelling experience‘ during the first shoot and subsequently ‘I don’t think I have improved much since last time‘ during the second, I reckon I hadn’t been completely honest with my uneasiness in my precarious photographer position. Although, he is more comfortable looking into the machinery lens than the human’s.

All in all, he is done with the suspicious look we Kongese (or Filipino) put forth regarding his unacceptable answer of ‘No I am not a model‘ or ‘No I am not ___‘ and peacing out.

Zeer Bedankt. Merci. Gracias. 

No judgement on my pronunciation.


*Just kidding, but maybe one day?!







  1. Bekleveer

    I like your blog, its really dope.
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If you want, than follow me, and let me know in comments, so I can follow you back with pleasure.
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    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      Thanks Sabina! He is a lil bit shy but that makes shooting with him a good practice cus you do not always get to shoot professional model! I am really happy that you like the story and photos! xx Marg

    1. Hong Hiu Ching

      I’d love to Carina! But maybe we are having some geographical barrier hahahh! Will let you know when I come to Milan again! xx Marg

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