Alberobello the city with beautiful tree

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Ironic enough, the place named for its plants is famous for the not so exclusive trulli. In Italian, ‘albero’ means tree and ‘bello’ means beautiful, so the place is literally ‘beautiful tree’. And trulli is this specific type of house in the region, which I originally thought that only exist in Alberobello.

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Trulli are actually another UNESCO heritage (check out Matera here), which some people still call home. They are built this way on purpose to help store the rain water as drinking water, so you can imagine Alberobello as a place with not enough rain water and facilities to sustain living under such weather condition.

A typical home in a trullo be like: A tiny little corner on one side pop up to you right after you enter, while there is plenty of space for you to put shelves along the wall up to the ceiling for storage, you can only put one small table or cupboard and a chair on the floor to be the main furnitures. Take two steps more, another similar corner appears.

Then down the tiny narrow hallway comes the living room and kitchen. The kitchen, wow, I’ve never seen such a packed kitchen. It can only cater one person at a time and I believe whoever inside has difficulty to cook! It’s not like I’ve never visited old town before, I saw plenty in mainland China, but they would share the space such that the cooking area is outside the house or is the same as the living room and bedroom.

But this, within the 30-50 sq feet area, they’ve got every single cooking utensils which in my opinion can be eliminated by half to keep it tidy and easy to cook. And finally the bedroom is upstairs in the eye-catching triangular dome.

Though it’s mostly uninhabited nowadays and used for exhibition and retailing purposes to boost tourism, we are glad to see that there are still some intact living spaces for the residents.

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And then the hiking part.

No I thought it’s just a walk. Yea, in some sense it’s just a walk, just a 3-hour walk.

Don’t get me wrong, I like walking, hiking, trekking, whatever you call it. It’s just I don’t have the proper shoes with me. I didn’t intend to take this trail either until the night before. My lovely new friend from the hostel in Bari invited me to go for this 3-hour hike based on the introduction of her hiking book about south Italy.

I hadn’t done much sports since I arrived Italy so I decided to go with her.

And this was a perfectly right decision.

You can’t leave ‘the city of beautiful tree’ without actually seeing the beautiful trees right?

Sometimes it’s a gamble. Going for a hike with new friends can be quite disastrous if either of you talk too much or too less, complaining about the long walking time or keeping whatever old body pain to oneself, either of you being too dominant or too dependent, bla bla bla you know what I am trying to say.

But the journey was lovely with the perfect weather and the perfect partner. It was quite gloomy in the morning but by the time we started our hike the sun came out with Mr. Breeze’s accompany.

alb 14Head to to do hotel search in Alberobello and look for Victor Country Hotel. Read the introduction and the comments below and you’ll share our laughters also!! Towards the middle of our trail a hotel is used as a checking point according to the hiking book, which is weird because you can see there is literally only trees and us. Is that a joke for a hotel to exist?

And nope. proves us that is real. How come someone dare to invest in the middle of nowhere when all the tourists are concentrated back there where the trulli gather. Brilliant business ideas and excellent photography skills actually attracted few people to book it, of course leaving with a pretty bad impression.

We made it after more than 3 hours! It drizzled at the end when we left the outdoors but it was a really really great walk seeing all those beautiful trees. BTW, one particular tree drew her attention and later on mine as well, that is the fig tree. She loves figs very much and picked the fresh figs from the tree and ate it directly!IMAG4041


Feel free to laugh at me but this was literally my very first time picking a fruit from the tree and eating it, basically it’s forbidden in where I live. They are unbelievably delicious though.



Right I stop here for you to laugh and remember to read other articles if you are interested in Italy or about my experience in different places! See you in next post very soon.


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