Pisa the tilting city

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Welcome back to the UNESCO series! If you haven’t noticed that Italy is basically a country of UNESCO cities and sites, where have you been? This time I am going to talk about the one and only PISA.

Let me be honest with you first, I spared a full whole day for Pisa but ended up arriving slightly after noon and left 3 hours later. Why so? Laziness most probably.

I stayed in a hostel in Florence for my visit to Florence and Pisa, thinking that it would be suitable cus Florence is obviously bigger and has more to see than Pisa. And the train from Florence to Pisa is pretty regular every hour and then so I didn’t really need to worry about the traffic.

And then I met a Chinese girl at the hostel who happened to have a similar schedule as me and she invited me to visit the world famous Pisa tower together and why not?!

pisa 7

I actually would like to go in the morning and see what can I do in the afternoon, maybe some more visit in Florence, the magical gorgeous city, (you know I’m going to say ‘BUT’), but my new travel partner preferred to sleep a little while more in the morning and since we didn’t need to catch a specific train, the clock hit 11 the moment we stepped out of the hostel.

Is it like more stupid when you are with somebody else than only to yourself? Even though I probably mentioned this a hundred million times that ITALY TRAINS ARE TRICKY, I still couldn’t be a smarter passenger. God! I’ve been here for 2 months already!

The train ticket in my hand had nothing to do with the platform and time of the train I need to take, why? Cus we are not required to catch a specific train! What happened was, the final destination and the platform shown in the application on my phone of the train I intended to take did not match the information on the board at the station.

I was confused, let alone my new travel partner.

pisa 8
Knights Square

By the time I realised that they like to play the ‘guess which platform we shift the train to at the last minute’ , we already missed 3 trains (maybe 4) within an hour.

I’m a really reliable travel partner. (Btw, I forgot to bring my wallet that day cus I changed my bag. Wooohoo, the most trustworthy bunk mate ever.)

Alright, we finally made it to Pisa at around 130. (1:30! What’ve I done?!) First thing, EAT.

A little joke I must tell you here. Since she had just eaten at the train station, she just ordered a ‘latte’, with the beautiful imagination of a prefect Italian coffee to start the day. You know, ‘latte’ in Italian means milk, and you probably know what happened next.

(Not that I didn’t want to remind her, just I never ordered anything other than white wine and expresso in Italy! Lol)

You will realise that Pisa in general is a quiet city, because everywhere else other than the Pisa tower is empty. And you don’t need any direction or map to locate yourself. If your sole purpose is the tower, just follow the crowd. If you want to do more exploration, just stroll around since it is not big enough to get lost.

Piazza dei Miracoli

To us, the entertaining part of the landmark is all these people. I know it’s hard to come up with new poses or new angles to shoot this one and only leaning tower, but it’s still funny to see everyone doing the same pose one next to another. The most impressive pose among all goes to the man who has his back on the grass and four limbs up, attempting for the illusion of pushing the tower I guess.

Here is our attempt to be creative.

pisa 11

You can definitely spend more time here to visit the art exhibition and go up to the tower and spend some money at the market outside for souvenirs.

Otherwise, that’s pretty much it. To add a little more colour to your day trip, you can also do Lucca, a small town close to Pisa. And catch the direct train from Lucca back to Florence.

Photos: Knight’s Square | Piazza dei Micacoli | Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tips: Get off at the Pisa S. Rossore train station and take the train back to Florence at the Pisa Centrale, this way you can walk around the city and save yourself some transfer time.


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