How does turning 25 feel like

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Happy birthday. But really, what is it to be happy about the day you officially get another year older, except for the surprise party that is not surprising at all because you plan it from the beginning, or the treat-myself-for-birthday gift that probably eats up your bank account and will end up in the junk some time later. Turning 25 is like turning 18, only now instead of loading makeup all over your face for every second out of your bed you are not even bothered to make excuses for wearing pjs with bare face on Friday nights (and actually every night). Well, there are also other things that I find amusing turning 25 other than being absolutely comfortable with the never-going-away acnes and my 4-day old hair.

Watch this space.

Most of the things you learn in school are not useful in life but you thank God that you learn them

At least you feel like you know something about the world other than the bills you have to settle every month. At 25, you probably realise all those nights that you spent on finishing up papers and preparing for finals are no big deal compared to the overtime situations you are having now which add no value or whatsoever at all to your brainpower but a higher imbecile tolerance. More than often you wonder why education when everything you need to know to make a living is just sweet-talking clients, bosses or yourself for turning a blind eye to a lifetime imprisonment of intelligence. The most interesting part comes when seniors concede that theories remain to be pedagogical but master degrees help. Tell me about it.

Make a laugh about most things, especially bad situations

By 25, you should already know that submerging yourself into negative emotions the unexpected situations bring about is not helpful in any way. As if the old cynical self which used to launch an entire education campaign on how your male friends should behave more like gentlemen, or how younger teenagers should be more responsible, was forgotten like all the things that went viral on the internet. What remains in your mental capacity to deal with unfriendly comments and horrible conditions has been worked down to oblivion and indifference. Now, when your relatives ask you about your yet-to-exist boyfriend, you laugh about it. When your friends tease you for your noticeably healthier food choice, you laugh about it. When you could not get hold of your money in continents like Africa because of the stupid system of your bank, you LAUGH ABOUT IT. After all, who really got time for unimportant people and irrelevant subject matters when wrinkles start to show up. OMG.


You are equally hopeful and hopeless about your dating situation

Being 25 and single make worse combination than pizza and abalone (oh trust me, they do exist here in this pizza place called Pizzahut). On any social occasion where you see others holding hands with their partners you immediately scan the partner from head to toe and go like No, too short or boring or thin or anything that doesn’t fit your list of ideal partner. Well, you can’t blame yourself as you get older and realise chances are that the next person you fall in love with is highly possible to be THE ONE. I mean, the one person you are going to share a bed with, spend all the holidays with, have children with and get old with. Scary. At this point, you feel pretty optimistic about being single as you can still search for the perfect guy. But you also want damn bad to kiss and get laid with someone like most of your friends do. OK, where is the party tonight? I am going.

No, I am not.

Text: Hong Hiu Ching
Photography: Cecilia Wong