Oh Giulietta

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I thought I was going to Verona for Casa di Giulietta, but actually it’s the romance which bring about.

Shakespeare is in fact a good cornerstone to keep the city eternal. Instead of promoting icon of the city, Romeo and Juliet is a far more effective way to widespread the existence of this perfect stage to enacting the fancy little dreams every girl has. We, the girls , intentionally or unintentionally, project ourselves in love stories, one day about Rose in Titanic and Emma in One Day on the other. The only difference is – we want a happy ending. Of course there is no guarantee in the world as forever love but it’s always a good idea to leave some romantic milestone or make a wish.

Verona is the city where everything is complementary – rays of sunlight gradually wake up the old Roman residents of the city and colour them with shimmer on their worn-out brick red skin. Since the Roman architectures in Verona don’t really have much cover, so the shadowless effect during the day is actually helpful in restoring the elegance and beauty.

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Then across the Arena, you have pumpkin yellowy 4-storeys buildings on two sides of the walkway! 10 minutes later comes the Casa di Giulietta and 15 minutes afterward comes the Duomo of Verona. If not for the modern shops along, ZARA, STRADIVARIUS and to name a few, you can totally soak in the cosy warm Roman vibe of the city.

Verona is situated between Venice and Milan, which can be difficult or easy to go at the same time, depending on the length of your trip in Italy. It is actually a small city, perfect for day trip, but from either way costs you 2 hours of traffic. Of course if you travel by car, you can have better control of the time. But, most of the time you rely on the train and the train in Italy is not as frequent as you think, or at least the schedule does not perfectly fit your plan and your budget at the same time.

The first moment I stepped out of the station I felt like I was in somewhere mysterious. There were only cars around, very few pedestrians. ‘This is not a normal thing for Saturday, isn’t it?’ 15 minutes later I found myself at Piazza Bra, where I saw people and tourists finally. It was not that early though, 10am by the time I arrived the Arena (at this time in Venice would have stuffed with crowd already).

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An hour later at the Casa di Giulietta I regretted getting inside the Arena! Just because the morning freedom should be spent on this tiny little courtyard! The illusion that I had in the morning totally fooled the whole out of me. I didn’t actually search for the balcony since the crowd leaded me to. When you are at the most crowded spot, you’ll know that’s it. I couldn’t even see through the little tunnel from outside! All I could see are heads after heads.

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Without question you can pay and get up to the balcony and take a picture or line up to touch the breast of Juliet below it. This is what the tourists do. For lovers, you write both of your names on the wall, take a picture of it, hug and kiss each other, then leave, with the great excitement of ‘happy forever’. For singles, you sit (not recommended because loads of people passing by) or stand and submerge yourself with the sweetness in the air. For people who are struggling with love, you can write Letters to Juliet and put to the Club around the corner. Who knows, anyone can be the next Claire.

Later of the day, I met up with a German friend and lingered around Verona together. That’s when I realise people in Verona speak 3 languages, English, German and Italian. For sure not all of the people, but waitresses and waiters in restaurants and gelateria do. Not only am I impressed, but also my German friend.

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At the end, I missed my train and I had to wait for another hour to take a more expensive one. It was a really good day in Verona for me, not only because of a reunion with my friend, but also the cosy vibe of the whole city. One thing to note (which I wish I had known before), since Verona is a major city, traveling by bus is possible to other major transportation hub, like Rome and Padova (two major companies are megabus and flixbus).

Photos: Piazza Brà | Arena di Verona | Casa di Giulietta | Piazza delle Erbe

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