The Iguazu Falls

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Oh my god, I am so wet….from walking through the pathways in between waterfalls in the Iguazu Falls National Park.

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However marvellous and magnificent the waterfall looks like in all the pictures on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Snapchat, when it comes to first-person experience, the exact same reaction from Milan Cathedral, Paris Eiffel Tower and Vatican St. Peter’s Brasilica can be replicated to Iguazu Falls.

The powerful army of white horse gallop over the rocks and trees at the fastest pace they could possibly be from the mountains all the way to the sheer cliff where they go straight down to the muddy pool and unite with others from all directions.  They do not do this quietly and solo, they are backed by the biggest orchestra in the world, The Nature, in the most peaceful piece of symphony ever produced, and accompanied by large species of wild life like vencejos and coatis and tropical forest plants.

Literally a breeding ground for lives.

‘WOW’ as if I saw a sexy hot guy passing by, nothing more than 2 seconds of amusement.

iguazu 24iguazu 19iguazu 26iguazu 25Seriously, the overwhelming reports and discussion and overly-photoshopped pictures have spoiled the surprise completely. I bet you say ‘wait, someone is in my picture, can you take another one for me?’ and ‘this is a good spot for picture, can we stop for a sec?’ more than ‘this is incredible!’

That makes sense though. It takes 3 hours from Rio de Janeiro to the Argentina side, 13 hours from Chicago to Rio de Janeiro, 30 hours from Asia to Rio de Janeiro and so on. We all suffer from the long-hour on the plane for that photo – the competitive arm-stretching dwarf in front of the massive falls or the sexy wet hair look with both hands holding the rainbows. Yup, you are good to go with the photos safely in your memory card.

What? My genuine feeling to the Iguazu Falls? Muddy and yellowy, or maybe even dirty. I am not professional enough to tell what’s in there in the massive pool of water that makes such a difference from the one in Canada. But it proves that giant is not necessarily better looking. I’m talking about the waterfalls.

Entertainment at Iguazu Falls is not solely from guessing and searching for waterfalls in different names, but also converting Brazilian Reais to Argentinian Pesos to US dollar to my own currency in transactions, chasing after coatis for the best shot, and most excitingly, taking a boat ride to the Devil’s throat.

Definitely not the cheapest entertainment you can get happiness and excitement from, but for sure the one and only form to get completely soaked up under the sun with clothes on.


Swimsuits, water-proof phone/camera cases, sunnies and water-proof makeup, checked! Then grab a water-proof bag provided and put everything else in it. Take it with you onboard and grab a seat, either side will do since you will end up in the same result.

iguazu 15iguazu 13iguazu 21At first we were joking and taking selfies. After a few trial getting close to those small waterfalls, we knew that we were in trouble! The strong water drops kept smashing my face, my head, my ear, my phone and I couldn’t open my eyes because it hurt! I kept my phone on the video recording mode while I was swearing, screaming and struggling to lift up my head against the water.

I didn’t know how long it lasted but it felt like forever. I felt like I almost got pushed down to the muddy pool of water. But it was real fun, maybe the most exciting and exhilarating thing I’ve ever done (alright maybe less horrible than Booster Mach 5 in the AIA Carnival.)

Some more facts you need to know about the Iguazu Falls.

You can do the Brazil side, Argentina side and there’s a little bit in Paraguay also. According to most of the people who have been to both, you need to do both to see the whole of it. But do you know doing both means that you have to spend two full days on each side, paying twice the entrance fee, paying for the bus connecting two sides and hotels or hostels on both sides?

I would rather spend my money and time to do something else. After all you are the one to decide what to see, there’s no need to blindly follow any advise you read or given.

You can even cycle across the three countries, boarder to boarder, around the Iguazu Falls. This is not a common activity though, you have to do the research yourself, but I do know somebody did that and it seemed unique and mental.

Or you can do what we did. We stayed on the Argentina side, in the downtown of Iguazu area. We did a rainforest tour the day after the National Park. Check out the next part of this post to find out more about it! xx

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